Softwall Partitions

* Stationary Enclosures
* Retractable Partitions
* Cleanroom Partitions
* Noise Enclosures
* Welding Partitions


Stationary Enclosures:

Effectively contain and control processes that can contaminate the workplace environment. These enclosures are easy to install, dismantle, and relocate.



Retractable Partitions:

Simple retractable systems economically and flexibly segregate areas on a temporary or longer-term basis. Can be retracted manually or mechanically.



Cleanroom Partitions:

Create and maintain completely controlled clean environments. Eliminates dust and other airborne contaminants.



Noise Enclosures:

Ambient noise reduction helps prevent hearing loss and improves employee health, safety, and comfort.



Welding Partitions:

Reduce dust, fumes, welding flash, and overspray to create a healthier, safer, more productive work environment.




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