Specialty Conveyors

* Flexible/Extendable Conveyors
* Sortation Conveyors
* Spiral Conveyors
* Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
* Transfer Cars


Flexible/Extendable Conveyors:

Flexible/extendable conveyors are a proven performer for truck loading and unloading. They are ideally suited for packaging, shipping, and flexible assembly lines.



Sortation Conveyors: 

High-speed sortation conveyors, also known as sorters, come in various mechanical styles. These systems divert product to adjourning lines for specific distribution needs.



Spiral Conveyors:

Spiral conveyors are designed to convey loads up or down in a continuous flow. They are also ideal for warehouses or distribution centers with space restrictions and requiring a small footprint.



Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors:

Vertical reciprocating conveyors, also known as VRC’s or RVC’s, are an excellent solution for transporting product from one level to another, such as on a mezzanine. VRC’s can be configured with either a “C” flow or “Z” flow to accommodate your company’s needs.



Transfer Cars:

Transfer cars, also known as automated guided vehicles, remove the need for an operator to move product. They can be controlled by in-floor tracks, lasers and magnetic guidance systems.



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