Aluminum Carts & Trucks

* Order Picking Carts
* Ladder Carts
* U-Boats
* Aluminum Pallets


Order Picking Carts: 

Aluminum picking carts not only weigh less than steel, improving productivity and lessening employee fatigue, they have a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.  A multitude of product choices regarding size, capacity and layout are available as well as custom units.


Ladder Carts: 

Spring loaded steps ensure stability and safety with ladder stops that have full contact with the ground.  Extended push handle means no bruised shins!



Ideal carts for transporting heavy loads or for use in narrow aisles.  Six caster design allows cart to turn on it’s own radius.



Aluminum Pallets: 

FDA approved with open channels for easy cleaning.  Fire proof, stackable/nestable and recyclable when damaged.


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