Mobile Lift Equipment

* Pallet Jacks
* Adjustable Pallet Jacks
* Stackers
* Mobile Lifting Positioners


Pallet Jacks:

Pallet jacks are the most common way for moving products throughout your warehouse without a forklift. Several options are available including different fork lengths and capacities as well as low profile, all terrain, side winder, and stainless steel.



Adjustable Pallet Jacks: 

The Yellow JackIt Adjustable Pallet Jack is the only pallet truck in the world with manually adjustable forks, requiring no tools. With it’s easy-to-crank handle, the Yellow JackIt forks slide back and forth, quickly adjusting to whatever size you need.



Stackers allow you to easily move pallets, skids, baskets, or cartons through your facility. Multiple styles and options are available, depending on your needs.




Mobile Lift Positioners: 

Mobile lift positioners like the Lift’n Buddy combine the lifting features of a stacker with the convenience of a 2-wheel hand truck. The Lift’n Buddy is ideal for loading and unloading items from shelves, workbenches, conveyors, etc and moving to a new location for unloading.



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