Miscellaneous Safety Products

* Column Protection
* Collision Safety Sensors
* Guardrail
* Self-Closing Safety Gates


Column Protection:

Column protection is paramount to both your equipment and structural integrity of one of your biggest investments…your building. Prepare for unexpected collisions and alleviate worry by installing a quick and easy column wrap to your building columns.



Collision Safety Sensors:

Keep your employees safe when entering an intersection in your warehouse with collision safety sensors. These sensors alert pedestrians and fork truck drivers to potential hazardous situations. With a wide variety of types of sensors, you can keep workers safe throughout your entire facility.



Guardrails help protect your products and machinery from damage that can be done by fork lifts being used in your facility. They come in varying heights and strengths and can be run any distance you require.




Self-Closing Safety Gates:

Self-closing safety gates provide protection from hazardous situations such as ladder or stair access points, roof hatches, restricted areas, or any other opening where regular access is required. These gates can be used for external or internal applications and come in a range of sizes to fit your needs.



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