Wire Decking

* Wire Deck
* Deck Accessories


Wire Decking: 

Wire deck is not mandatory when using pallet racking but for those who use it, it is an invaluable addition to their storage system, offering stability and piece of mind that pallets won’t fall through if loaded incorrectly.  They also give users the ability to store split case and open case items directly on the shelves rather than move them to another location.  Wire decks are available in any size and capacity needed and are also available in a variety of styles.  The standard deck has a 90˚ waterfall over the outside edges of the beams, the inside waterfall allows full access to the face of the beam for labels and the flared channel decks are designed to be used on box beams.  Channels can also be inverted for food processing and sensitive environments.



Deck Accessories: 

Several accessories may be added to wire decks, either at the time of purchase or if needs change.  Clip on dividers, hanging dividers and back stops are just a few of the choices. Carton stops are also available and are a great way to create flue spaces for fire detection.




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