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Powered Aire Air Curtain – MADE IN USA


  • Model #ETD-3-108
  • 109″ OAW – 108″ Nozzle width
  • Stainless steel case – 18 ga. 304 stainless
  • (3) Heavy duty 3/4 HP motors
  • Air intake screen is perforated stainless steel with mill grain finish
  • High efficiency discharge plenum ensures that air being discharged fills the entire width and height of the opening.  This also lowers the unit’s operational sound level.
  • Avg. FPM – High 3702, low 2486

      Price Each:  $ 2,865.00        (plus freight)


Powered Aire: ETD & ETD-E Data Table

Powered Aire: ETD Mechanical

Featured: Unheated ETD-3-108 with High/Off/Low Switch, Magnetic Door Switch and Filter

When Dock Seals Are Not Enough!

Powered Aire Curtains are required for insect control, especially in industries where sanitation is critical. This is the first line of defense!

  1. The UDSA, FDA and AIB have approved air curtains as acceptable insect barriers for pest control.
  1. Powered Aire Curtains will result in year-round energy savings by preventing unconditioned outside air from entering the door opening. Ideal for doors where flatbed and UPS type trucks are received!
  1. Powered Aire Curtains reduce warm air infiltration into Cold Docks allowing the refrigeration equipment to operate more efficiently, hold temperature better and reduce energy cost. Stop the warm air before it gets into the building!
  1. Powered Aire Curtains will prevent truck fumes, dust and other airborne debris from entering the door opening.
  1. If dock levelers get wet, Powered Aire Curtains will help keep levelers dry and improve safety for personnel and promote longevity for equipment.
  1. Depending on the ceiling height on the dock, Powered Aire Curtains will help circulate conditioned air, thus  improving employee comfort.
  1. Heated Powered Aire Curtains will help keep docks warm when temperature of product or employee comfort is a concern.

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