Warestar Services


Warestar, Inc. provides an array of services that help to protect and enhance the products and equipment we provide to our customers. We tailor our offerings to your needs with installation, maintenance and custom services like engineering, CAD drawings and equipment leasing. Warestar, Inc. is certified, licensed and insured.


At Warestar, Inc., we offer installation for all of our major product lines and utilize both union and non-union installers. Our services include coordinating received materials, staging, consulting and installation of your equipment.


To help ensure the products you buy perform better, last longer and avoid costly breakdowns, we offer repair, service and preventative maintenance programs. Warestar, Inc. provides on-call repair and service on conveyors, dock doors and levelers, damaged pallet racking and all other products we provide.

With our preventative maintenance programs, we are able to identify problems before they arise, helping to reduce costly breakdowns and downtime in your organization. We customize the maintenance to fit your needs and provide services including equipment review, lubrication, tightening and adjustments. We also identify and offer recommendations for problem areas.

Custom Services

Our custom services are a compliment to Warestar, Inc.’s products, systems and equipment. The services we offer include the following:

  • Specialty concrete work including cutting and boring for pit levelers, wire guidance, plumbing and conduit pipe
  • Hole boring for bollards, posts and handrail systems
  • Concrete removal and finishing
  • Engineering services for county and city project approval
  • Equipment leasing
  • CAD drawings
  • Special fabrication of unique mild and stainless steel products
  • Consignment services

To inquire about our installation, maintenance and custom services, contact Ed Iddings at 800-315-7767 or complete our project inquiry form.